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So how do I start…Ok so I loved this book…I just couldn’t put it down! This book has inspired me to want to play the guitar even more and start writing my own music. I have been learning to play guitar for about 4 and a half months now. I didn’t think there were people who felt the same way I felt when playing the guitar like so free and alive. this book showed me that I wasn’t so odd for feeling that. When I would be play on my guitar people would ask what I was playin I wouldn’t know what to tell them because even I didn’t even know what I was playing like Tripp says “I play what’s inside me” so now when they ask I just tell them ‘I’m just thrumming’.–???

hi! I just want to say I love your book! :D AND your songs are AMAZING! The story of guitar notes really moved me. It actually made me cry (hahaha… I looked like an idiot xD) the part when Tripp felt like everything was his fault and he couldn’t do anything, I knew that feeling so I felt him. And Lyla as somehow a “people-pleaser” …. I knew that feeling too. And finding that music room as an escape to all the stress and having music to comfort you. Every part of your book made me…. find a new me. :D
Your book actually had a big impact on me. THANK YOU SO MUCH for inspiring me!

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  1. Kayla says

    I love this book. I have become completely obsessed with it. I have not been able to put it down since I started. Music is my passion and this has inspired me. Thank you so much for writing it!!!!

  2. Emily says

    When I seen this book in barns and Noble I knew it would be my type of book. It made me happy when. I started reading the book. I got connected to both of them. I feel like Tripp is someone I can relate to. I love playing the guitar and I don’t know what I would do if my mom took mine from me. It made me cry when laya was in the hospital. I thought how I or anyone would react if they couldn’t see their best friend in the hospital. This book made me realize their are people who feels the same way I do.

    • Mary Amato says

      I think it’s so cool that you can relate to the characters. I hope you keep playing your guitar. Thanks for writing in.

  3. Camille says

    For many years, I could never find words to describe the feeling I get when I play my flute. It seemed that every synonym for happy in the world couldn’t describe it. Up until I read this book, I didn’t know that anyone else got this feeling. Whenever I tried to describe it to someone, it ended up being gibberish tumbling hopelessly out of my mouth. Only the people who have had the feeling will understand what it truly is to thrum. So thank you so much for bringing this concept in to my life. I know that from now on, whenever I play the flute, I will thrum, and think about this beautiful book.
    As someone who loves to read and write, as well as play my instruments, Guitar Notes had a lot of deep meaning to me. Thank you so much for writing it and showing me what it truly is to thrum.
    A thrumming young fan,
    Camille L.

    • Mary Amato says

      I love your message. I wish I could play the flute. I hope you keeping finding books that you enjoy and that you keep playing and thrumming.

  4. Mallory Holst says

    My name is Mallory. This book was recommended to me by my friend Emma who plays guitar. I am a happen to play guitar and ukelele, so I could really connect to this book. The way you described the harmony and sound of the vibrating guitar was so perfect. I play a lot of electric guitar, but a little acoustic as well, so this harmony thing was a little new for me, I do many solos. This book inspired me to form a small a band at my school and play with other people, not just myself. I have never been much of a singer but, this book inspired me to sing, as well. This book made me cry a lot to which was really good, because i love having emotion while I’m reading. I also, played some of the songs in the back of the book and I escpecially loved the song “Waiting in a Tree” because of the power chords. I found it most intresting the kinds of chords you used, such as the suspended and added chords. This book made me much more observant when I’m playing guitar, I observe the vibrating feeling in my chest and the beautiful sound of a G chords. I am so excited to read your other book, “Get Happy”. Thanks so much for writing this inspirational book.

    • Mary Amato says

      Hi Mallory, I loved your letter and am so glad you connected to Guitar Notes. So cool that the book inspired you to form a band and sing. I’d love to hear your version of Waiting in a Tree! Thanks for writing. Keep thrumming!

  5. Bella says

    Guitar Notes is insanely amazing, and just so wonderful! I’m literally obsessed with it. Once I got the book, I could not put it down! And the songs are just so… wow! I can’t think of a way to explain it, it just exceeded my ecpectations. Amazing job. (:

      • Ines says

        Esque il y a la suite du livre ?? I live in Canada but I reed in frensh because I don’t indersind very good the anglish and…. Is there continuation of the book or not?? (the book:Les notes de guitare in frensh the name of this book is UNE GUITARE POUR 2) pls you can answer me?

        • Mary Amato says

          Bonjour. Sorry I don’t speak French. I am happy you like the book. There is no sequel yet. Perhaps in the future . . .

  6. Sophie says

    I love this book! The minute I finished it I immediately asked my dad how to play the notes in the back of the book. I already play the violin and I think it would be fun to take a break and play the guitar for a while! Your book was so inspirational!

    • Mary Amato says

      I’m so glad! The uke is also a great instrument to learn (easier than guitar) if you want to try something new. I’d love to learn how to play the violin, the flute, the cello…I wish there were more hours in every day!

    • Mary Amato says

      Hi, you can buy the songs from itunesor you can download them from soundcloud by clicking the arrow button on the soundcloud media player. Keep thrumming!

  7. Yagmur Akyuz says

    Hi, I just read your book, Guitar Notes. I finished it overnight. It was amazing. I was reading the last couple of pages in my first free period and as I went through the lines where Lyla’s accident happened and Tripp started blaming himself, I started crying. This is the second book actually made me cry in my entire life. I’m aware that 16 years isn’t a long time to say this but your book just took my breath away. This is my first letter to an author too and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found this book accidentally. I was just out of the physical therapy centre and İ went to the nearest book store. I was wondering about inside hoping to find something worth to read and I came across Guitar Notes. I started reading the first pages in the store and realised that I read 87 pages of it already. I was late to the thing İ had to do but it was totally worth it.

    Dancing is the way music meets with my soul and I was so lost when that was taken away from me until yesterday. I was rehearsing and I broke my knee cap. I had surgery and now, as I mentioned, physical therapy. Thanks to your book, I feel more positive about what happened.

    I’m officially a big fan of yours and want to read anything else you wrote or going to write. Thank you for inspiring me in a way that no-one ever did.

    Thank you so much again…

    • Mary Amato says

      I’m so sorry about your knee cap. I was a dancer all through high school and college and still find my thrum on the dance floor. I wish you strength and patience with your physical therapy. You will get stronger, and you can never predict the future. Today was not an easy day for me, but then your message came and gave me some much-needed encouragement. Keep dancing, even if it’s only in your heart right now.

  8. Robert Crawford says

    I just read it a week ago and right after I emailed all my friends about it. It was an amazing book and kept me turning the pages all the way to the end (except for a water break here and there). In fact, it inspired me to pick up the guitar and start to thrum. I can’t wait to read Guitar Notes and all other guitar-related books you wrote a hundred more times. Keep thrumming, your #1 fan.

  9. Kylee says

    Im not a big reader, in fact I hate reading, but in a desperate attempt to improve my reading ACT Score, I ventured to the library in search of anything that could hold my attention. I’ve always been very musical in fact I live for music and just the cover of this book enticed me from the very beginning. I read the description and could already relate to the characters. In fact me and one of my old friends formed our very bond in a similar way. I could instantly relate with both characters. Tripp was the part of me that loved music and almost nothing else. Lyla was the part of me that felt trapped in a situation never really chosen completely by me but was “destined” to be my life. Tripp also could represent my ex best friend who’s passion for music helped reignite my own love for it and escape from some really dark times. I say all this to say, this book meant so much to me. It’s shown me that there are books out there for me, and inspired me to keep search and keep reading. This book has completely reignited my old passion for reading. I’ve never read a book so fast in my life, but at the same time, I’ve never loved a book thus much.

    • Mary Amato says

      Okay, so I am at a coffee shop trying to decide if I have what it takes to finish the book I am working on now, wrestling with negative voices in my head, struggling to understand why I am so passionate about this idea, and your email comes through like the strum of a chord. Much appreciation for the fact that you have taken the time to share your story. Let’s all keep thrumming. –Mary Amato

  10. Melanie says

    This book was by far the best music book I’ve read in my life. I could really connect to the characters and…I can’t even explain how awesome it was. I just didn’t want the book to end. I don’t play guitar, but I do play string bass and I’m learning how to play electric bass. This book inspired me to push myself harder and commit more to music. Music helps me escape this world and lets me enter a new one. I prefer the music world over the real one, to be honest.

    • Mary Amato says

      I am so happy you connected to the book and the characters. I love the bass. I like making up songs on the bass sometimes because its completely different from making up a song on guitar or a cappella. Do you know the great bass player Victor Wooten? He blows me away. I would love to play upright bass. And cello. I wish there were 100 hours in every day instead of just 24. Keep thrumming.–Mary

  11. charlotte says

    I loved this so much. I had bought it in a used book store and it was the best book I got on that day. I love the story and the songs.

  12. Eliana says

    I checked this book out at the library just last night, at around 7 pm. I finished it twenty minutes ago, at 12:45 am. I could hardly put it down!
    I saw it on the shelves and was intrigued, since I am a guitar player, singer, and avid reader. I thought Guitar Notes would be a nice change from my typical dystopian/darker fantasy reads, and boy was I right! While reading this book, I laughed, I cried, and I smiled so freaking wide at the ending. It is a beautiful story that speaks to my soul and has inspired me to thrum. (I took a break from reading just to see what playing around on the guitar is like, since usually I follow pre-written tablature. It was the right choice.)

    • Mary Amato says

      I love the way you wrote this message. I am also glad you’re willing to take the risk to just play. Lots of wonderful magic happens when you allow yourself to be in the present and you follow your instincts in that moment. Keep thrumming!

  13. Gavin says

    I just would like to comment on probably the most steady, moving book I have ever read. Such a emotional book that gets the reader loving the characters. The way the events coordinate and how even (Pun not intended) the pacing is. As a writer myself, I admire this book greatly for its ability to lock in the reader and keep them reading for so long. This book is now my favorite book because of the reading experience it gave me. And for once my eyes weren’t the only thing interested, my heart was and when the end came, it sunk. I wanted more and hope for a possible sequel in the future. Thank you for such a wonderful reading experience, keep up the great work!

    • Mary Amato says

      Sorry, for some reason your comment just showed up! Thank you so much for this comment and your encouragement.

  14. cdp says

    Are you ever going to write a sequel? Please do! The book was amazing! I’ve read it like 5 times in fewer months!

    • Mary Amato says

      Hi! Thanks so much for writing. I have the problem that I want to write a sequel, but I keep getting ideas for other books and still don’t have a clear sense of what happens for Lyla and Tripp. I should go somewhere with a guitar and just play around with their characters! I hope you are thrumming.

  15. Tabby says

    Epic book, loved it. As a writer myself, I have been trying to figure out how you made such an attractive read. The characters were brilliant, everything on pace. I loved the way you put in minor things for character development like the blasty rug and the Tripp losing his pick. Such brilliance! Please, make a sequel!! This book is sooo good and has hit the top charts for me!!

    • Mary Amato says

      Thanks so much. I’m not working on a sequel, but the book I’m about to start will appeal to Guitar Notes fans. All the best!

  16. Anna says

    I found this book randomly in my school library and read it all in one afternoon! As an aspiring songwriter of sorts, this story was really encouraging and inspiring. Looking forward to reading your other books 😁.

  17. Alethea V. says

    I love this book so much! Since I found this website I have listened to the songs on repeat and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I have read the book 500000 times and listened to Lucky Me about 40000 times.

  18. Alethea V. says

    Hey! Thank you SO much for giving me the music to “Lucky Me”, I’ve been playing it nonstop! I was wondering if you could give me the uke music for “Pomegranate Waltz” too, but if not that’s totally fine! Also, I’m wondering how you are doing? And I’m writing a song about how much you inspired me through “Guitar Notes”. I will let you know when I finish!
    ~Alethea, friend and ukulele-est.

  19. Sage Breen says

    hey,I just found this book a couple hours ago,and i was crying and laughing at the same time.I had played the guitar before( sort of lol), But never really got into it. i always thought i was missing somthing. your book has opened up a world of spiritual and physical options for me. Thank you so much helping me and who knows how many people, allowing us to see into our souls and mind and learn how to thrum. I have never cried at a book or movie before so this is a first, lol. Thank you again.

    • Mary Amato says

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I loved your line: “allowing us to see into our souls and mind and learn how to thrum”. I love making people cry (haha) for good reasons so thanks for spilling out those emotions!!!! Guitar is hard–and I’m still not great at it, but every time I play I try to remember to be kind to myself and to enjoy it. Keep thrumming.

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